Solar Power in Adelaide

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Australia is one of the world's best locations for using solar panels to generate electricity - utilizing high sun exposure much of the year. This article looks at the use of solar power in Adelaide. 

Adelaide is an ideal place to install solar panels as it enjoys some of the longest and most intense sun hours in Australia.

Perched along the southern coastline, the city of 1.2 million people has one of the highest instances of solar panel and solar hot water installations. According to a recent report, Darwin and Adelaide solar power production is between 10 and 30 per cent higher than Melbourne and Hobart.

Solar Buildings in Adelaide

Adelaide was one of the first official Solar Cities in Australia, a program designed to increase the use of renewable energy in Australia. The Solar Cities saw public spaces such as the bus station and icons in the city's shopping precinct, Rundle Mall, using solar power.

The program is run by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the Australian government, and local businesses.

In November 2013, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute was opened, receiving a Gold LEED rating from the US Green Building Council. The building uses a passive cooling system through strategic solar shading, automation to suit the building's users needs, and natural lighting. It is one of only five Australian buildings to receive a Gold LEED rating.

Adelaide Solar Power Statistics

According to the Australian Energy Market Operator, in 2013 there are 170,000 homes with solar panels installed in South Australia, double the national average.

Adelaide's three major universities - Adelaide University, Flinders University, and the University of SA have recently combined forces to focus on new solar technology, including solar battery systems.

First Solar, one of the worlds leading solar power companies, recently sealed a deal with Adelaide company IXL Solar to assemble solar panel systems before shipping them off to be installed.

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First published December 7, 2013
Last updated February 4, 2021

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