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By expgreen

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First published May 27, 2012
Last updated May 27, 2012

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5 comments on “Solar Energy Report”

  1. I want to know why there is a lot sunshine here in Ghana up to 37 degrees Celsius and above yet none of the solar company are in Ghana as manufacturers? or distributors. I take this initiative to invite your company in my country to invest in our economy because Ghana is the best place in Africa to invest and it is a beautiful place . Our Government is now considering this solar system to help resolve energy crises in our country. So I personal in your team and company to come down to invest here.

  2. I live in Mexico and actually I work to Diternia, we are in FV market, but only conected in federal energy wire. I want to know more about the battery connections and know companies interested on develop this market (battery connections) in Mexico, because I have big opportunities. Even Iám teaching in a University in Monterrey Mexico, by the way I´m appreciate the help about.
    Tks a lot.

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