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The Environmental Impacts of Wind Energy

There are many benefits of wind energy, but also problems. We'll explore these below. People and Animals Wind turbines impact people and animal that live in close proximity to wind farms. The wildlife most likely to be adversely affected by wind farms are birds and bats, who are susceptible to things such as disturbance, habitat […]

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How does wind energy work?

Wind is a clean and infinite energy source, which can be a big piece of the energy puzzle. Here we'll walk through how wind energy works. A brief history Although modern wind turbines are new technology, harnessing wind energy is not a new concept. Throughout history we’ve harnessed the wind’s energy, with sail boats and […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

The intense drive to develop alternative energy technologies has led to massive advances in wind energy. But it's not all positive. Here we'll explore the advantages and disadvantages of wind power. Wind farms now produce 3.2% of the energy used in the US, 9% in Germany, 17% in Portugal and an astounding 26% in Denmark. […]

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Hybrid Energy Systems

"Hybrid" refers to something that combines different elements. Hybrid technology has advanced rapidly, giving birth to hybrid cars, groundbreaking communications tech, smart-houses, and eco homes. Similarly, hybrid energy systems have been designed to generate electricity from different sources, such solar panels and wind turbines. Hybrid energy systems often consist of a combination between fossil fuels […]

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Assessing Locations for Wind Power Generation

Wind power plants can't be setup everywhere. Certain conditions make some locations favourable for wind power projects, other sites unfit for any installations. We'll explore these below. Wind power has boomed in recent years. For example, China DOUBLED their wind power capacity from 2009 to 2011 [1] . Nevertheless, there are several factors that limit […]

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Parts of a Wind Turbine

Wind power is the fastest advancing source of clean energy today. Want to understand the different parts of a wind turbine? LET'S EXPLORE ... The main equipment needed to harness wind energy is a wind turbine – consisting of a tower, frame, turbine blades, and generator. Other parts are required to deliver useable electricity, such […]

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Wind Energy Facts

According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), wind energy is the most rapidly advancing source of energy worldwide... LET'S EXPLORE... Wind is created by the sun's uneven heating of the earth's surface. The movement of air from an area of high to low pressure is what we refer to as wind. Wind exists […]

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Top Wind Energy Countries

As the focus on clean energy continues to grow, the wind energy industry has received heavy support from governmental bodies all over. Below we'll look at the top countries harnessing wind energy today. One country stands out above the rest, China. While still being considered a developing country [4], China has accomplished a feat sought […]

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Top Wind Energy Companies

Many wind energy companies are taking big steps forward in making electricity more efficient, affordable, and generally more accessible for individuals, energy companies, and governments. This page looks at some of today's top wind energy companies and their recent projects. Dong Energy Opens World's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm The world's largest offshore wind farm was […]

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List of Wind Power Plants - Largest to Smallest

Below is a table of wind powered energy plants around the world. The table is listed from largest to smallest. In the right hand column you'll see whether it's an onshore plant or offshore. Wind Power Plant Name Location Installed Capacity Type   Gansu Jiuquan China 5,160 Onshore [1] Inner Mongolia East China 4,211 Onshore […]

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