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Hydroelectric Energy - how it works, stats, history, advantages and disadvantages.

Hydroelectric energy is the world’s most used renewable power source today. This article looks at how it works, some of the advantages of hydroelectric energy, and what history has told us about some of the disadvantages. About 20% of the world’s electricity is currently generated from hydropower with China, Canada and Brazil leading in installed […]

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How Energy Efficient Windows Work

Energy efficient windows can make a big difference. They not only reduce heating and cooling bills, but also create a healthier and more comfortable living space. Below we'll explore how energy efficient windows work, a few rating measures you should know, and how to choose the right windows for your situation. What are energy efficient […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Power

While wind and solar get all the attention, there's a quiet achiever doing big things in the background... Hydro! Here we'll explore the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power... and how it fits into the clean energy puzzle. Hydro is widely accepted as a solution that can be implemented right away. We can dam rivers, […]

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Alternative Fuels for Cars

The auto industry is under massive pressure to cut down on carbon emissions by finding alternative fuels for cars. Let's explore those alternative fuels! Natural Gas Natural Gas for use in automobiles is very popular in America because more than 80% of the natural gas used in U.S.A is produced in the country making it […]

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The Top Sustainable Cities In The World

Sustainability, planning, and efficient resource use have seen enormous developments over the past decade, and have given birth to some great examples of city adaptation. Here we'll explore some of the most sustainable cities in the world, and the features that make them so sustainable. First, complexities of the definition of "Sustainability" Sustainability is a […]

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Conducting A Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit can reduce bills, create a healthier environment, and reduce your carbon footprint. The goal is to reduce unnecessary energy use and improve comfort in the home. This page looks at what an audit can acheive, information about DIY and professional energy audits. Below you'll also find a home energy audit checklist. […]

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Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products refer to products that are environmentally friendly. The main characteristics of green cleaning products is that they are biodegradable, don't contain harsh chemical compounds, and are often made from essential oils or plant extracts. Products include green washing powder, dishwashing liquid, window and bathroom cleaners,  home discenfectant, green commercial cleaning products, car […]

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Green Building Materials

Green building materials is an umbrella term for building materials that are manufactured using sustainable practices and resources, reduce allergies or toxins in the environment, or are green because they can be used in a sustainable manner. Below are a few of the latest green building materials on the market. Before purchasing, you can investigate […]

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Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources refers to non-fossil fuel energy, normally electricity. Let's explore them below. Alternative energies allow us to produce much needed electricity for homes, businesses, and cities to function in a manner that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The most popular alternative energy sources are solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind power, hydro-electric, tidal, and […]

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How Toner Cartridge Recycling Works

If you own a printer, from time to time you'll run out of ink. Instead of throwing the cartridge out, see if there are any services in your area for toner cartridge recycling - services are available in most areas nowadays. Recycling toner cartridges isn't something you do every day, but it's important! By recycling, […]

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How Computer Recycling Works

When it's time to upgrade your computer, it's important to take a little effort to find a good computer disposal and recycling service. Many areas will have a national computer recyling day, sometimes also called an E-day, where people can drop off old computers and peripehrals for recycling. The old computers are then picked up […]

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Why Recycle?

Like anyone, I hate being told what to do. The intention of this article is not to guilt you, but to take a look at the current and historical recycling situation. Michael Braungart and William McDonough’s book Cradle to Cradle discusses a window factory built during the industrial revolution. Forrest surrounded the factory at first, […]

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