Installed Capacity Definition

Installed capacity, sometimes termed peak installed capacity or rated capacity, describes the maximum capacity that a system is designed to run at. If for example, a solar farm has an installed capacity of 24 megawatts, the system will have the ability - the components and hardware - to produce a maximum of 24 megawatts with […]

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Solar Array Definition

A solar array is a group of solar panels wired together. The terms solar array and solar module are often confused. An array consists of multiple solar modules (solar panels). A setup of eleven solar panels connected to the same inverter is described as a solar array containing eleven solar modules.  

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Solar Module Definition

A solar module is an individual solar panel - consisting of multiple solar cells, wiring, a frame, and glass. The term solar module is often confused with solar array - a solar array is a group of solar modules (panels) which are connected to the same system. If a roof has seven solar panels, then […]

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Semiconductor Definition

A semiconductor is a material exhibiting properties of both electrical conduction and insulation. A Conductor allows electrons to become 'excited' and flow - such as electrical current flowing through copper wire - a conductor. Insulator materials resist or block the flow of electrons - such as plastic coatings on electrical wires - which enables control […]

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