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Introducing the GREEN TECH NEWS BLOG

Welcome to the GREEN TECH NEWS BLOG!

This is a space for discussing new developments in the green tech and sustainability sphere.

Here we’ll publish weekly blog posts which delve into detail of green technology topics and recent green tech news.

Unlike the other articles on, the blog posts will be a little more liberal in terms of commentary and discussion – going outside the realms of strictly explaining the bare facts.

We’ll also use the blog to address questions that come in from readers but don’t fit any of our existing article-categories.

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Micky Hansen, blogger.


We aim to clearly explain topics of green energy, sustainability, and smart resource use, to help you make wise decisions and generally be informed. If you like what we do, please leave a comment, or follow us on Facebook. If you have an idea for an article, or you'd like to publish an article here, please let me know.

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  • Hello Micky,
    Here in Australia with so much sun, wind, tidal currents and vast areas of land you would think we would be at the forefront of renewable energy take up but sadly that is not the case. The funded disinformation, the power of the heavy polluters and a foreign owned and dominated press ( over 60 % owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd) has resulted in 90 % of our electricity being from coal fired power stations. Our coal reserves are large by world standards and we export this mainly to Asia.
    A relatively new citizens group SolarCitizens is driving a push for Solar PV panels but we are fighting a government in denial to achieve our goals.
    I would appreciate any suggestions as to how we Australians could tackle the enormous issues we face in helping reduce the planet's CO2 emissions and keeping our global warming in check.
    Roger Richards
    Somers VIC 3927

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