The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

The intense drive to develop alternative energy technologies has led to massive advances in wind energy. But it's not all positive. Here we'll explore the advantages and disadvantages of wind power. Wind farms now produce 3.2% of the energy used in the US, 9% in Germany, 17% in Portugal and an astounding 26% in Denmark. […]

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Parts of a Wind Turbine

Wind power is the fastest advancing source of clean energy today. Want to understand the different parts of a wind turbine? LET'S EXPLORE ... The main equipment needed to harness wind energy is a wind turbine – consisting of a tower, frame, turbine blades, and generator. Other parts are required to deliver useable electricity, such […]

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Wind Energy Facts

According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), wind energy is the most rapidly advancing source of energy worldwide... LET'S EXPLORE... Wind is created by the sun's uneven heating of the earth's surface. The movement of air from an area of high to low pressure is what we refer to as wind. Wind exists […]

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Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products refer to products that are environmentally friendly. The main characteristics of green cleaning products is that they are biodegradable, don't contain harsh chemical compounds, and are often made from essential oils or plant extracts. Products include green washing powder, dishwashing liquid, window and bathroom cleaners,  home discenfectant, green commercial cleaning products, car […]

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