Solar Saves the Day in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy may have momentarily brought the world's most bustling city to it's knees, but it does have one unexpected silver lining. The aftermath of Sandy has given some New Yorkers a very tangible and profound taste of how advantageous solar energy is over fossil fuel driven energy sources. Hurricane Sandy battered the entire eastern […]

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Introducing the GREEN TECH NEWS BLOG

Welcome to the GREEN TECH NEWS BLOG! This is a space for discussing new developments in the green tech and sustainability sphere. Here we'll publish weekly blog posts which delve into detail of green technology topics and recent green tech news. Unlike the other articles on, the blog posts will be a little more […]

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Alternative Fuels for Cars

The auto industry is under massive pressure to cut down on carbon emissions by finding alternative fuels for cars. Let's explore those alternative fuels! Natural Gas Natural Gas for use in automobiles is very popular in America because more than 80% of the natural gas used in U.S.A is produced in the country making it […]

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The Environmental Impacts of Wind Energy

There are many benefits of wind energy, but also problems. We'll explore these below. People and Animals Wind turbines impact people and animal that live in close proximity to wind farms. The wildlife most likely to be adversely affected by wind farms are birds and bats, who are susceptible to things such as disturbance, habitat […]

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