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Hi, I’m Greg Whitburn.

I became interested in alternative energy technology while studying journalism at university. I started this website after noticing the scarcity of good, digestible information about alternative energy and green technology.

I found that although useful information was available in academic journals and research reports, it was often written with heavy technical lingo and saturated with statistics.

I started researching how different alternative energies work and made a point of identifying good and useful information – which data and statistics are valuable and which simply get in the way or cause unnecessary confusion.

One major problem I found with emerging alternative energy data is inconsistency - particularly due to a lack of standardized reporting methods. Often, one set of dollar values or percentages is calculated differently to another set, making it difficult to adequately compare apples with apples.

The ultimate goal of ExploringGreenTechnology.com is to provide useful, accurate, and thought provoking information about different alternative energy and green technologies.

The articles on this website are written by myself and a small team of freelance writers - including a former solar engineering consultant who is currently completing a Wind Power Management masters degree, and an ecologist with a background in environmental education, marine biology, and conservation.

We aim to base our writing on good, reliable data, and present it in a manner that is easily digestible to any reader. We decipher the technical data so you don’t have to.

The future of ExploringGreenTechnology.com includes continuing to develop the information on a range of green technologies, as well as interviews with green technology users, and visiting some of the world’s leading alternative energy locations.

We’d love to hear what you think of our site, so please join the conversation by commenting on articles or sending us a message through our contact page.

We're also very interested to hear from anyone using the technologies we discuss, so please feel free to write in and share your experiences.

First published January 22, 2012
Last updated January 22, 2012
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