Welcome to the Exploring Green Technology Blog

During the industrial revolution, energy consumption boomed as savvy inventors and engineers developed new ways of doing things – ways of doing things that advanced societies and shaped the world we live in.

Since the industrial revolution, both engineering prowess and energy usage have continued to grow rapidly.

With a focus on productivity, world energy use has grown intensely since the Industrial Revolution.

Becoming More Environmentally Responsible

Over the past few decades, understanding of our interactions with the environment has also grown.

Issues such as climate change and the finite nature of raw materials has forced a rethink of energy production and consumption. Even if action takes time and can be politically difficult, many sections of society have taken enormous strides towards environmental responsibility and new ways of doing things.

This website explores that new design.

Here we explore the new era of design – efficient resource use and technology that avoids toxic by products such as green house gases.

The ultimate goal of ExploringGreenTechnology.com is to provide useful, accurate, and thought provoking information about different “green” technologies.

Relying on good sources is a vital part of making information clear and useful. We strive to find and present only useful and accurate information.

Instead of bombarding you with technical data, we attempt to limit our use of statistics to those that are actually valuable in presenting a comprehensible and accurate picture of various green technologies.

Learn how green energy technology like wind, solar, and hydro work – and get a taste of the debates surrounding green tech today.

So… What is Green Technology?

The main definitions we work to here are that green technology:

  1. Is sustainable
  2. Avoids or reduces waste and toxic by products
  3. Reuses materials
  4. Works in harmony with the environment and eco-systems

We take a particular focus on learning about green Energy Technology

The main focus of this website is green energy technology, particularly solar and wind energy production.

We do explore other methods such as hydroelectric and geothermal, however we tend to focus on solar and wind energy technologies as they require more attention.

Reasons for this include the dramatic developments of these technologies over the past few years; the wide range of different applications and methods with solar and wind; and that these two are particularly relevant on a private, public, commercial, and political level.

Where to start?…

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