Solar Tracker

Solar trackers change the tilt of solar panels as the sun moves across the sky.

A solar tracker is a system whereby solar photovoltaic panels are tilted throughout the day to follow the sun – retaining the best angle for maximum radiation exposure.

Solar modules are mounted on tracking frames, connected to a solar actuator – which acts like a hydrolic lift or extender.

As the sun moves across the sky, the actuator extends and moves the solar panel in order to keep the optimal angle with the sun.

Using a solar tracker is becoming increasingly popular in both domestic and utility scale systems as it boosts the overall efficiency of solar panels.

The LINAK Solar Park in Denmark found that by adding trackers to their solar modules, they could get 30-40 percent additional electricity output.

The solar park was a green initiative of the LINAK company, setup next their headquarters. It is expected to generate around 90,000 kilowatt hours per year.

Many large utility solar parks are also using solar tracker systems, such as Italy’s 80,000 module Montalto di Castro.

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